Vegetarian’s Struggle

I know this may be a bit late in the game but I’ve been sitting on this for a while and I have to share it. I came across this article in the New York Times several months ago about a vegetarian man that moved to the Midwest. He went out to eat at several different locations and claims that there is nowhere to go as a vegetarian in the Midwest.

“So, yes, I’ve “eaten” at some of these famous restaurants. There was the meal at the Golden Ox steakhouse (baked potato), Stroud’s fried chicken (rolls) and Arthur Bryant’s barbecue, where, searching for vegetarian options on the menu, skipping over the lard-bathed French fries, pausing to consider the coleslaw, I ordered the safest option (a mug of Budweiser).”

I understand that vegetarian options are not always easy to find in the Midwest but why would you go looking for vegetarian food at places that obviously don’t cater to vegetarians? He went to a steakhouse, a fried chicken joint, and a barbeque joint. What did he expect to find?

Over the past several months, I’ve pointed out several options here in the Midwest for vegetarians, both dining in and dining out. I’m sure that if I were to go to Kansas City, where this man is, I’d find several more vegetarian restaurants. And my guess is they wouldn’t take me all that long to find either!

Yes, being a vegetarian can be difficult but in my opinion, this guy just wanted something to complain about so he went to every place that so obviously wouldn’t have options for him.


Cinco de Mayo: Part III

What is a Cinco de Mayo celebration without a margarita? In my opinion, not a great one! My friends and I love celebrating this holiday and we always do it with a margarita in our hand.

Though there are a lot of delicious margaritas out there, I found a recipe for one that I think everyone should try. This coconut mango margarita is absolutely amazing! The coconut water and the mango combine together and create an amazingly refreshing taste. It’s light and fruity but not overly sweet! It’s so great! And the best part (in my opinion) is that it masks the taste of tequila!

I hope you all enjoy this as much as my friends and I are going to!


Cinco de Mayo: Part II

While I was hunting for some more delicious Cinco de Mayo recipes, I came across a vegetarian tamale recipe that sounds amazing! I haven’t had a tamale since long before I became a vegetarian and I’ve never made them so I’m really looking forward to giving it a shot!

There are a lot of steps that go into making tamales but I can’t imagine that they would require that much work if they weren’t worth it. My plan for the evening is to make as many of these as I can manage. I know I’ll be making them a bit in advance since Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday but the glory of tamales is that you can freeze them!

Don’t they look absolutely delicious! I hope you all enjoy these!

Happy cooking!

Cinco de Mayo: Part I

With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching, I realized that I had no recipes for the party that I’m planning that evening. My friends and I always get together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and this year it’s my turn to host the party. As I’ve told you before, most of my friends aren’t vegetarians but I decided that I was going to cook an entirely vegetarian meal.

Salsa is absolutely amazing and I plan on making several different batches: hot, mild, black bean and corn, and salsa verde. Salsa Verde is a new one for me so I went on the hunt for a recipe that looked easy enough but that could also be made in large batches cost effectively, and I found one!

This salsa verde recipe by Food Network is so delicious! I tried to make a small serving of it and it was amazing! Any salsa lover is going to enjoy this recipe!

Happy cooking!

Vegetarian Kids

Many people are under the impression that children that eat a vegetarian diet are unhealthy. Or they think that children who eat meat are healthier and stronger than those that don’t. Not only is this inaccurate but PETA has done a study that proves that children that eat a vegetarian diet are actually healthier than those that don’t.

According to this study, vegetarian kids have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity-related health issues, etc. Vegetarian kids are also likely to grow taller than those that are not and are in general more healthy.

This study makes my decision on what to feed my future children much easier!

Vegan Barbeque Sauce

The weather is heating up and school is almost over! Summer time is almost here and with that comes grilling season… Luckily, just because you’re a vegetarian (or vegan) doesn’t mean that you have to miss out! When I started eating vegetarian, I thought I would really miss BBQ. I used to love grilled chicken coated in barbeque sauce. Obviously, chicken is no longer something that I eat and surprisingly, vegetarian barbeque sauce is a lot harder to find than you’d think. Because of this, I went in search for a homemade barbeque sauce recipe and found a great one!

This sauce is extremely easy to make and tastes good on everything! I’m really looking forward to breaking out the grill this weekend and making some delicious grilled tofu coated in BBQ sauce! Not only does this taste great on tofu but it tastes great on veggies as well. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, this sauce is sure to please!


Happy grilling!