Vegetarian Statistics in America

After my previous post about the benefits of not eating red meat, I did some research to find just how many vegetarians there are in the United States. I wasn’t shocked by the results but I was a bit disappointed. Why do people continue to eat the way that they do when there is so much research to prove that it is harmful to them? It’s something that I will probably never understand but I’m not here to judge so to each their own!

While I was doing the research, I found that Vegetarian Times had already done the research. Their research showed that there are 7.3 million vegetarians in America. To me that sounds like a lot but that only equates to 3.2% of the United States. While some may be surprised by how high that number is, I honestly thought it would be a bit higher than that.

Let me know what you think after you read the results.


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