Vegetarian Beer

So after telling you all how much I enjoyed the beer that I had at River City Brewing Co., I wondered whether the beer was vegetarian. For some reason, it’s something that I’d never really thought about. I don’t drink beer all that often but when I do, I don’t think about whether it’s vegetarian or not.

I knew for a fact that Guinness, which was my favorite beer for many years, was not a vegetarian beer. I had never thought about other beers that I’d been enjoying for years, though. Since I started wondering today, I thought I’d look to see if there is a list of vegetarian beers online and I found one! The only problem is, it seems that there are very few beers that are truly vegetarian.

Apparently, brewing companies use Isinglass as a fining agent when they are brewing the beer. I don’t know if there are other options for fining agents but from what Geraint Paul Bevan was told by many brewing companies, their isn’t. Check out the beer list and see what it says about your favorite beers! According to the list, I need to go out and find some new favorites!

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