River City Brewing Co.

I was spending some time in downtown Wichita, KS a few nights ago and was really hungry. I didn’t know what I wanted exactly but there were a few places that were close. I didn’t want to go for a chain restaurant so I skipped over Old Chicago. I realized that I also wanted to have a glass of beer with my dinner and the only option that made sense to me was to go to River City Brewing Co.

River City has been around for years. I’ve eaten there as a vegetarian and I’ve eaten there when I wasn’t a vegetarian and they have options for everyone! I’ve tried several things on the menu and they were all delicious. When Elijah came home for Christmas Exodus, we went there and he had the Greek Pizza and it was phenomenal! Last time I went there, I had the Baked Mac N Cheese. It was so amazing! Gooey, cheesy, delicious! Not to mention their beer choices!

If you don’t know this already, River City brews their own beer. Every one I’ve had there has been amazing and I suggest you all go try it out! I hope you all enjoy River City Brewing Co. as much as I do!

River City Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon


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