Vegetarian Sandwiches at Planet Sub

When I first started eating a vegetarian diet, I was afraid that it meant I would have to give up some of my favorite fast food restaurants. I was right for the most part but luckily, my all-time favorite sandwich shop, Planet Sub, has a pretty large vegetarian menu.

I’ve tried all of the vegetarian options on their menu and I have yet to be disappointed. They all have a lot of flavor, they aren’t too dry, and most importantly they all have something different to offer. I can’t imagine any vegetarian walking out of Planet Sub hungry. They have so many different flavorful options and I love them all!

Though it is hard to choose my favorite out of all the great options, my top two are “The Planet Veggie” which offers two different cheeses and a lot of delicious and nutritious veggies and the “Tempeh Parmesan” which reminds me of my favorite sub growing up as a kid, the meatball sub. With all the choices, I’m sure you’ll all find a favorite of your own!

Planet Sub on Urbanspoon


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