Dal with Spinach and Parsley

I love Indian food.  It’s a taste that I’ve just recently acquired and so far, I haven’t found anything that I don’t like about it.  I love the use of all of the vegetables, the spices, how beautiful and colorful the dish is, etc.  It’s amazing!  I truly can’t believe that I’d never tried it before!

I decided that I’d try cooking an Indian dish and came across an awesome blog that specializes in Indian cooking, Lisa’s Kitchen.  While scanning the site for a soup recipe, I came across Dal with Spinach and Parsley.  I had a really hard time finding Dal in Wichita, KS but finally found some at an awesome health food store that I frequent.  The long hunt for Dal was definitely worthwhile.  This recipe is amazing and it made my throat feel about a thousand times better than it did before I ate it!

If you’ve never tried Indian food before, I think this recipe is an excellent one to start with!

Happy cooking!

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