A Crunchy-Munchy Treat

I’m on an Asian food kick this week apparently,  that’s all I’ve wanted!  Right now, I’m craving egg rolls so I know what’s on my menu for this evening!

I found a recipe that sounds delicious for vegetarian egg rolls.  The recipe also includes instructions on how to make these egg rolls vegan!  Either way, I’m positive that these are going to be delicious!  Not only that but they are super easy to make!  I’ve made egg rolls before and they really aren’t as hard as I had imagined so if you’re intimidated, don’t be.

This recipe suggests using the stir fry sauce to cook your veggies in before putting them in the wrappers.  I’m sure it’s delicious but I love my husband’s recipe so I plan on stir frying the veggies in that instead.  The recipe for my husband’s sauce was included in my post, “Soba Noodles with Tofu and Toasted Sesame Seeds.”

If you don’t want to use either of those stir fry sauce recipes, create your own!  I hope you all enjoy!  Happy cooking!


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