Breakfast Crepe

I don’t know about you but I have to start my day off with a delicious breakfast.  I don’t have a lot of time throughout my day for extravagant meals so I try to make breakfast special every day.  Crepes are delicious any time of the day but they are perfect for breakfast.  The crepe itself is so light that it leaves room for the good stuff!  Cheese and Veggies!

Crepes are extremely difficult to master but I’ve found a very simple and tasty recipe that I hope you all enjoy! These crepes can be filled with just about anything but I found a delicious crepe filling recipe from Life 2 Share that I had to share with you all!  It combines spinach, onions, and mushrooms and it tastes WONDERFUL!  The only minor change that I made is that I included cheese in my filling!  (I love cheese and put it on everything!)

I know it’s a lot of work first thing in the morning but it’s SO worth it!  The day is much more enjoyable if you start it off with a happy belly!

Happy cooking!


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